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Helping children feel safe and comfortable

Your kids deserve the best dental care and at Petit Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we specialize in caring for young people. Our office is bright and cheerful. Our staff outgoing and friendly. We want to make each of your children’s visits enjoyable. We want them to have their healthy smiles forever. And it starts in our office.

We’ll make their first visit — and every visit thereafter — enjoyable. We’ll help them develop proper oral hygiene practices early and teach them how to focus on prevention so many problems never even get started. And we’ll make it fun. After all, when you start strong, you can finish strong.

We’re the foundation to your child’s dental health. We think they deserve the best. Click here to contact us and schedule your next appointment.

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Patient Resources

These are some commonly subjects that arise when first visiting the office. If you’d like to know something more indepth don’t hesitate to ask the doctor at the time of appointment.

  1. Prevention

  2. Treatments

  3. Common Emergencies

  4. Post Operative Care

  5. Behavior Management

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