Common Emergencies

In case of a dental emergency, we always have a Pediatric Dentist available to help upon request.

Please contact our office immediately in an emergency at +1 (800) 895-1570, if after hours, we will return your call.

Most injuries to baby teeth occur during the toddler years when children are learning to walk, yet lack good coordination. The central incisors (the top front teeth) are the most frequently affected. In the permanent dentition, the most common age for dental trauma is ages 8 to 11 years due to injuries while playing sports. Injuries to the mouth, face, and teeth happen frequently…so don’t panic, stay calm and take action to help minimize your child’s pain and fear. Call your Pediatric Dentist of choice at Petit Smiles.

Knocked Out or Broken Tooth

Bleeding After Baby Tooth Falls Out

Have your child bite on a clean folded cloth or gauze for fifteen minutes and make sure he/she is resting. Repeat this if necessary. Avoid high impact exercise for the remainder of the day. If in pain, contact your Pediatric Dentist of choice or our office.

Knocked Out Baby Tooth

Baby teeth should NOT be put back into the mouth because it may damage the growing permanent tooth. Your child still needs to be seen at the office to find out if any other teeth, the jawbone or tissues around the mouth are injured. If in pain, contact your Pediatric Dentist of choice or our office.

Knocked Out Permanent Tooth

Contact any of our Pediatric Dentist inmediately. Time is a critical factor in saving a permanent tooth. Find the tooth and gently rinse off any dirt with room temperature water. Hold the tooth by the crown, not the root, and do not scrub it. Place the tooth into its socket and have your child hold the tooth in place. If you are not able to reinsert the tooth, put it in a cup with milk, and bring it to the office. If in pain, contact your Pediatric Dentist of choice or our office.

Broken Tooth

Rinse dirt from the injured area with warm water. Place a cold compress over the face in the area of the injury to reduce swelling. Call our office immediately to assess further injuries, prevent infection, and repair the tooth. If in pain, contact inmediately your Pediatric Dentist of choice or our office.


The most common cause of dental pain in a child is caused by untreated tooth decay. It is crucial to have your child rinse with warm water and carefully remove food from between teeth in the area of pain with dental floss. If swelling is present, apply cold compresses to the cheek. Provide children’s acetaminophen or children’s ibuprofen to alleviate pain and visit us as soon as possible. If in pain, contact any of our Pediatric Dentist.


If the face is swollen because of a tooth infection, it could be a life-threatening situation, and your child needs to go to the hospital emergency room immediately. Place a cold compress on the face until you can see a Pediatric Dentist in Doral or Coral Gables. Call our office for an emergency appointment to evaluate where the infection is and how to treat it. If in pain, contact any of our Pediatric Dentist.

Cold / Canker Sores

Many children occasionally suffer from cold sores around the lips and canker sores inside the mouth. These sores usually take seven to fourteen days to heal. There are products at your local pharmacy that will help relieve the pain. Please let us know if these sores occur often or last longer than usual. Some serious diseases may begin as sores and need prescription medications. If in pain, contact any of our Pediatric Dentist.

Cut or Bitten Tongue, Lip or Cheek

If there is bleeding, apply firm yet gentle pressure to the area with a clean cloth or gauze. If you cannot get the bleeding to stop after fifteen minutes, go to the hospital emergency room. Apply a cold compress to swollen or bruised areas. Make sure your child is comfortable and calm. Call our office for an appointment to assess any injury to the teeth, jawbone, or tissues around the mouth. If in pain, contact any of our Pediatric Dentist.

Always Anticipate Injuries

  • Reduce oral injuries in sports by wearing mouth guards.
  • Always use a car seat for young children.
  • Require seat belts for everyone else in the car.
  • Child-proof your home to prevent falls, electrical injuries, and choking on small objects.
  • Protect your child from unnecessary toothaches with regular dental visits and preventive care.
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