Post Operative Care

Anesthesia and Fillings

If local anesthesia was used by your Pediatric Dentist for the placement of fillings, the numbness will not wear off for a period of at least 2-3 hours after the application. Thus, our Pediatric Dentists does not recommend eating for at least this period (3 hours) post treatment. Plenty of liquids, a smoothie or an ice cream can be given to alleviate hunger needs throughout.

Following anesthesia some children play, suck or bite on their lip, cheeks or tongue. A raw, swollen and tender area can develop. This is not an infection. Keep the area clean and apply a cool compress as needed. For temporary relief please have you child take acetaminophen or ibuprofen after speaking to any of our Pediatric Dentist. Please call us or schedule an appointment online here.

It may be possible that your child experiences some soreness in the area where the treatment was done. Remember that your child had his/her mouth open for a certain period and this may also cause some discomfort in the jaw. A Children’s Ibuprofen should be given and if the pain doesn’t subside please call the office immediately. For further questions, please call us or schedule an appointment online here with your Pediatric Dentist of choice.

Nitrous Oxide

After treatment, the nitrous is turned off and oxygen is administered to help flush out any remaining gas. The effects wear off almost immediately. Nitrous oxide rarely has side effects, although some patients may experience minor nausea and constipation. Please keep your child supervised until you see him up and about. Contact the office immediately to speak to your Pediatric Dentist if any adverse reactions were to occur.


Proper care will fasten the recovery and avoid complications upon extraction procedures on your child.

Please adhere to recommendations below:

  • Bite down on a gauze in area where extraction was done for a period of at least 20 continuous minutes. If bleeding persists, place a new gauze for another 20 minutes.
  • No rinsing, no spitting and no use of straws day of extraction. Any type of suction effect will remove clot from the site.
  • No high impact exercise day of extraction.
  • • If swelling occurs, place an ice bag covered with a cloth 15 minutes on and 15 min off. If swelling continues please contact your Pediatric Dentist immediately.
  • If your child is manifesting pain, please provide him/her with a dosage of Children’s Acetaminophen.
  • Please be conservative with what you eat, avoid eating foods with small seeds , avoid crackers and popcorn.

Hospital Surgery

Your child will be recovered to a good extent the same day of surgery, although the anesthesic gases will not be flushed completely out of the body until a day after. This is an outpatient service, which means that it takes place in a hospital setting being discharged the same day of the procedure.

To ensure you child has a faster recovery please follow recommendations below:

  • • First thing after surgery is have your child drink plenty of clear liquids, gatorade, apple Juice, popsicles. Start incorporating milk contents at a later time, to avoid vomiting episodes. Increase the diet slowly and start giving soft foods when tolerated.
  • • Your child should rest and only have quiet activities after surgery. Your child may be sleepy for several hours after returning home, closely supervise any activity for the remainder of the day. Slight rise in your child’s body temperature may be noted the same day, 99°-100°. This is normal. An acetaminophen product (Children’s Tylenol) may be given every four to six hours to help relieve pain and elevated temperature. Avoid aspirin use.

Please call our office (+1 (800) 895-1570) if the following is present:

  • If your child is consistently vomiting beyond four hours after leaving the hospital.
  • If your child has high temperature, above 101° F, beyond 24 hours after surgery.
  • If your child is noted breathing difficulty.
  • If any other matter concerns you and the wellbeing of your child. We encourage all parents to express all matters even those that could be counterintuitive.


At the end of your child’s dental cleaning visit, fluoride “tooth vitamins” will be placed in the teeth to strengthen the enamel. No eating or drinking should be allowed until 30 minutes post treatment by our Pediatric Dentist.

At times, children may accidentally swallow a small amount of fluoride which may be irritating to their stomach. If your child complains of a stomach ache please provide him/her with a glass of milk to neutralize the fluoride.

There is also a special fluoride called fluoride varnish. This version will stick to the teeth and you will see it as a thick lumpy material on the teeth. Do not worry, it will brush off. It is best to leave varnish overnight, so avoid brushing or flossing night of application. You should go back to your regular hygiene routine the day after. As well, avoid eating crunchy things and drinking hot liquids that will “melt” away the fluoride from the teeth.

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