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"My grandchildren Roberto Carlos and Natalia love to go to the Pediatric Dentist, they get pampered the minute they walk in to the door! Dr Vanessa and their staff are extremely professional! My grandchildren at the end of the visit get toys , balloons , stickers and much more!!! They dont want to leave the office! They love their experience and can wait to come back for there next cleaning!!! Love it!"

Cloti Nevares

We have a natural talent for... Helping children feel safe and comfortable

Your kids deserve the best dental care, and at Petit Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we specialize in caring and serving infants, children and teens. Our offices are bright and cheerful. Our staff is outgoing and friendly. We want to make each of your children’s visits enjoyable and amazing. We want your child to have healthy smiles forever. And it starts in our office.

Our Pediatric Dentists and staff members will make your child’s first visit — and everyone thereafter — enjoyable and memorable. Our Pediatric Dentists will help your child develop proper oral hygiene practices early and teach them how to focus on prevention so many problems never even get started. Your child will see how fun it is to go to the Pediatric Dentist. It is an amazing experience. After all, when you start strong, you can finish strong.

We’re the foundation to your child’s dental health. We think they deserve the best. Click here to contact us and schedule your next appointment.

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"Dr. Vanessa is AMAZING! She is a true child whisperer......my two boys, ages 6 and 8, have seen her for the past 3 years. They actually look forward to visiting Dr.Vanessa's office, partly to see her and partly to leave with a cool toy. :) I am grateful to have found a pediatric dentist that makes a trip to the dentist a positive experience for both my children and myself. The office is brand new, beautifully decorated, always spotless and filled with kind, efficient staff members."

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"I have been a customer at Petit smiles for about three years now. Dr.Vanessa is great with kids and is as well professional. She makes sure you are always comfortable as well for the staff. Amazing energy also!"

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"What a wonderful place!! Staff is very corteous and friendly. My kids were amazed with the fishes tank and all the entertainment that were there to enjoy while waiting. We didn't wait at all. Dr. Sabrina was very kind to my son and myself. 1st visit was an awesome experience. Sara did a great job doing the theeth cleaning. She was very friendly. I loved the place. It was very clean. My son got lots of gifts for the first time visit. He was very happy and very comfortable. Taking my second kid to the office next week. Will stay with them! What a great found! Thank you!! "

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